Tuesday, January 23, 2018

autocom / delphi 2015 release 2 keygen activator 2015.2 ( 2.15.2 activation release 2 2015 cdp ds150e cdp+ cars trucks vci dongle emulator protection)

autocom / delphi 2015.2 keygen released

For the latest 2017 release 1 (2017.01) keygen activator : here

This is the first solution for 2015.2 , in the past there have been fake (2014.4 , 2015.3) releases but were only old versions with changed title , they did not have 2015.2 cars like Abarth/Fiat or others (see video for proof).

Please note that ISS (automatic system scan) does not work on some newer models, but you can diag systems one-by-one for them, no problem.
Being a new version it can have bugs, i will try to fix them.

* Works with any serial (no blacklists) clone/original
* Doesn't connect to autocom activation server (you will never have to turn off internet)
* Software operating speed is very fast compared to original

 keygen is locked to 1 computer (you cannot resell it or run it on other computer)(but you can activate unlimited fileactivation.xml for your computer and other computers
NEW license method on 2015.2 kg : it does not need reactivation if you change Windows, and it is allowed 1 computer change / 6 months.

If you want to buy contact me at hex2stuff@gmail.com

Check out the activation demo video: